PyQt5: is the wrapper incomplete?

jladasky at jladasky at
Wed Jun 15 22:54:31 EDT 2016

I am developing a data acquisition system for a custom device that communicates over USB.  On the host computer side, I am using PyQt5.4.  My Linux box has both Qt4 and Qt5 installed on it.  I assume that PyQt5.4 compiled on top of Qt5 automatically.  I'm not sure how to check that.

In any case, I used PySerial to handle the USB communication.  I just noticed that Qt also has serial features.  I need to give the completed program to other users, on Windows no less.  If I can forego PySerial and use Qt's serial interface instead, it would simplify the installation.

Now, the PyQt5 documentation implies that a module called QtSerial exists.  But while I can write...

from PyQt5.QtWidgets import (...), or
from PyQt5.QtGui import (...), or
from PyQt5.QtCore import (...),

...attempting to import from PyQt5.QtSerial raises an ImportError.

I've tried many variations on the spelling, and I've tried various import statements to inspect the (very large and complex) PyQt5 namespace.  I haven't found the QtSerial classes.  Are they even there?  Maybe the wrapping of the library is incomplete?

Any guidance is appreciated, thanks!

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