Getting back into PyQt and not loving it.

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Jun 26 22:41:00 EDT 2016

On 06/26/2016 07:05 PM, llanitedave wrote:
> Not sure that wxPython is really any different in that respect, and
> Tkinter doesn't feel Pythonic to me, either -- considering how it's
> Tk at heart.  So what's the alternative?  There really is no good
> Python-based GUI tool, and that's a shame.

Guess I kind of ended my email early.

Actually GTK+ is pretty nice to work with in Python.  The bindings feel
quite good and it's hard to tell where stuff is written in python and
where it's written in C.  The integration between Python data types and
the glib backend stuff is pretty seamless. I can't recall ever wrapping
up stuff in a GObject structure, and Python idioms work rather well
including iteration.  Try it out; it's pretty slick.

GTK+'s downsides are that though it's available on Windows and Mac,
those versions don't get as much love and without some real work don't
integrate very well.  Also GTK+ development seems to focus more on Gnome
than on general application development.

If GTK+ had first-class support on Windows and Mac, including native
themes and seamless UI integration (file and print dialogs), I'd say
GTK+ would be the only game in town for Python programmers.
Unfortunately, unless you're only concerned with Linux, GTK+ is probably
not going to be your choice.

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