argparse and subparsers

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at
Mon Jun 27 22:22:19 EDT 2016

> Not sure if this fits the bill, or makes sense here, but I came cross
> "docopt" which touts itself as a "Command-line interface description
> language". I used it in a project and it seems to be pretty easy to use
> as well as elegant. It stores the arguments & values as a dictionary,
> keyed by the argument.

Yea I have had my eye on docopt for a while, it doesn't support multiple
subparsers, as I am passing duplicate parameters from its perspective.

Imagine: --host --port 766 foo --warning 42 --critical 77 bar --warning 4.2 --critical 7.7


The shortcoming to argparse has been debated to death and the bug tracker
was just left hanging. To be honest, I am not clear on the opposition to it...


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