Meta decorator with parameters, defined in explicit functions

Ben Finney ben+python at
Tue Jun 28 01:02:27 EDT 2016

Howdy all,

I want an explicit replacement for a common decorator idiom.

There is a clever one-line decorator that has been copy-pasted without
explanation in many code bases for many years::

    decorator_with_args = lambda decorator: lambda *args, **kwargs: lambda func: decorator(func, *args, **kwargs)

My problem with this is precisely that it is clever: it explains nothing
about what it does, has many moving parts that are not named, it is
non-obvious and lacks expressiveness.

Even the widely-cited ActiveState recipe by Peter Hunt from 2005
gives no clue as to what this is doing internally nor what the names of
its parts should be.

I would like to see a more Pythonic, more explicit and expressive
replacement with its component parts easily understood.

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