Text-mode apps (Was :Who are the "spacists"?)

Steve D'Aprano steve+python at pearwood.info
Sat Apr 1 13:43:03 EDT 2017

On Sun, 2 Apr 2017 03:18 am, Alain Ketterlin wrote:

> Marko Rauhamaa <marko at pacujo.net> writes:
>> It would be nice to be able to use a / in my file names. Funny enough,
>> I'm allowed to use a zillion unprintable characters in my file names but
>> no slashes allowed.
>> Example:
>>    results-Q2/2017.json
> Use U+2215 (DIVISION SLASH).

That is *deliciously* evil. I like it.
> I have tried this once. "Next time you're fired/dead" (and less pleasant
> variants) was the only comment I got from people I shared files with.



I'm sure you deserved everything they did to you :-)

“Cheer up,” they said, “things could be worse.” So I cheered up, and sure
enough, things got worse.

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