Basic Nested Dictionary in a Loop

Ganesh Pal ganesh1pal at
Sun Apr 2 12:13:14 EDT 2017

Dear Python friend

I have a nested  data dictonary in the below format and I need to store
1000 of  entries which are in teh below format

>>> X['emp_01']['salary3'] = dict(sex="f", status="single", exp="4",
>>> X['emp_01']['salary4'] = dict(sex="f", status="single", exp="4",
>>> X['emp_01']['salary5'] = dict(sex="f", status="single", exp="4",

I only thing thats is changing is payment and I have payment_list as a list

The value salary3 ,salary4,salary4 is to be generated in the loop . Iam
trying to optimize the above code , by looping as shown below

>>> X = {}
>>> X['emp_01'] ={}
>>> for salary in range(len(payment_list)):
...     X['emp_01'][salary] =  dict(sex="f", status="single", exp="4",
>>> X
{'emp_01': {0: {'grade': 'A', 'status': 'single', 'payment': 100, 'exp':
'4', 'sex': 'f'}, 1: {'grade': 'A', 'status': 'single', 'payment': 200,
'exp': '4', 'sex': 'f'}, 2: {'grade': 'A', 'status': 'single', 'payment':
400, 'exp': '4', 'sex': 'f'}, 3: {'grade': 'A', 'status': 'single',
'payment': 500, 'exp': '4', 'sex': 'f'}}}

Any other suggestion ,   Please let me know  I am on python 2.7 and Linux


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