Two variable dictionary comprehension

Gregory Ewing greg.ewing at
Mon Apr 3 19:22:48 EDT 2017

Deborah Swanson wrote:
> I'd
> imagine that the old Google would have returned a good 10 pages or more
> (probably a lot more) of urls containing the phrase "dict comprehension"
> or "dictionary comprehension".

It still does, as far as I can see. I just googled for "dict
comprehension", and the vast majority of results in the first
10 pages relate to Python.

By page 20 it's starting to wander off a bit, but you can
hardly blame it for that. There *are* non-Python web pages that
mention the words "dict" and "comprehension", and how is Google
to know that you don't want those if you don't tell it?

> You used to be able to keep sifting through pages of results
> after the bulk of urls fitting your criteria had passed, and still find
> useful things to look at, sometimes at page 500

Seems to me Google was doing a rather *bad* job if you had
to wade through 500 pages of results to find what you wanted.
I would never have the patience to do that!

Anyhow, the reason Google got brought up was that you were
complaining about difficulty of finding things in the Python
docs. Google *does* turn up the relevant part of the docs in
the very first page of results, so being able to do a direct
text search on the docs wouldn't do any better.


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