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Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 20:13:20 EDT 2017

On Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 11:26:50 AM UTC-5, Steve D'Aprano wrote:
> On Sun, 2 Apr 2017 04:41 pm, Terry Reedy wrote:
> > On 4/1/2017 12:00 PM, Steve D'Aprano wrote:
> > 
> > > example of the Ugly American.
> > 
> > As an American I resent your promotion and perpetuation of
> > an ugly ethno-centric stereotype.
> I'm glad you didn't try to describe it as a *unfair* or
> *unjustified* stereotype, because (let's face it) after
> November 8th 2016, that simply wouldn't fly.

D'Aprano, are you still stewing because Donald J Trump
spanked Hillary's jumbo sized bottom like an unruly
stepchild? You poor widdle partisian hack. I almost feel
sorry for you.

Heck, Trump has to be the most crass and unstatesmanlike
candidate to ever run for the american presidency -- well,
certainly in my lifetime -- so it should have been the
surest win in history for Hillary (or should i say "HER-"?),
but even with the mainstream media planted firmly in her
pocket; Bill Clinton's endless charms; a grotesque
prosession of hollywood celebs, and Obama on the campaign
trail -- she folded like lawn chair! How pathetic. Not to
mention that the democratic party cheated Burnie Sanders. (i
wonder if he's "feelin' the burn"?)

Of course, in their hubris, the Dems put all their chips on
the same old tired "game of firsts" crapola, thinking the
emotional sleight of hand was enough to clinch them the
white house, but fortunately (for america), somebody at the
DNC forgot to tell the Dem leaders that america is getting
*SICK* and *TIRED* of the emotional games.

We only want two types of candidates now: (1) those who are
highly qualified non-partisans, or (2) those who will burn
the old orders to the ground! With Trump, we got the latter.
But as bad a Trump is, he's better than the "business as
usual" we get from Repuke-I-Cans and Demon-Rats.

But Steven, you're not even an american are you? Nope!
You're just another Brit with a stick jambed firmly up his
butt waddling around lecturing Americans about how terrible
we are, but have you ever stopped to consider your own
nation's horrendous history?

  TIP OF THE DAY: "Great Britain" is the imperialist empire
  previously known as "England".

Now sod-off to your local library so you can catch up on,
say, the last umpteen centuries of English tyranny and
global colonization. Oh, and, please note that people who
live in glass houses would be wise not to start a stone
throwing war. just FYI, old buddy. *wink*

> Not all Americans, perhaps not even a majority or a
> plurality, are Ugly Americans, but there are enough of them
> to screw it up for everyone else.

There are bad apples in every bunch; every nation; every
group. Stupidity and ignorance are ubiquitous traits and are
fairly evenly distributed around the globe. So enough with
America bashing already. We Americans are no more guilty of
hate and intolerance than any other nation or peoples on
this planet. Heck, we've only existed for just over 200
years, yet many polmics and media types would have the world
believe that hate and intolerance didn't exist in this
universe until July 4, 1776.

And when has _any_ reigning power in human history ever
acted in a 100% benevolent manner? Hmm? (At least, any one
that matters, that is). If we read our history books, we
would come to the conclusion that tyranny is the natural
order of our human society, and, more evidence of universal
laws in action. Therefore, only through perpetual conflict
can we keep tyranny at bay. For instance, it's not as if we
could tell ol' Henry the Eighth: "You know what Henry... you
can be a real horse's arse!" -- to which he would
"supposedly" reply -- "Indeed. I think i am. And uh, thank
you for the healthy criticism" -- NOT! It is more likely
that anyone who dared critize the king would win a free all-
expense-paid trip to the tower of London, a most horrific
place with a most notorious reputation for cruelty. But the
English had quite a knack for cruelty, eh Steven? Hmm,
remind me again, ol' boy, how many wives did King Henry the
VIII have executed for their "supposed" infidelity? Of
course, there are rumours that one of the executions did not
go as "cleanly" as planned. My observation is that the
botched nature of that execution was a feature, not a bug.
But depravity has been the SOP for centuries in "Merry ol'
England", eh chap?

> It's an ugly stereotype, not because it is a stereotype,
> but because it embodies a set of ugly attitudes and
> behaviours.

Your feeble attempts to legitimize your American bashing are
deplorable at best. For once in your life, Steven, admit
that you're filled with hate and apologize for it. If you
don't like America, fine, don't come here. Is that so
difficult for you? *WHO* we elect and *HOW* we live our
lives is none of your damned business. Personally, i don't
give a monkey's toss who your prime minister is, or what
your pompous Queen wishes to have dipped in gold and
encrusted with diamonds. Personally i think your whole
system of governance is as silly as a clown college frat
party and as dreadful as a three letter sexually transmitted
disease! However, unlike you, i don't feel the need to go
around brow beating every Brit i come into contact with.
What happens in British politics and society is not of my
concern. And likewise, what happens in America politics and
society is not of yours.

But i'll tell you what you _should_ be concerned about, and
that is the religious fundamentalist that you are gleefully
importing into your cities and towns, the religious
fundamentalist who's goal is the destruction of Western
philosophy, society and culture. Why, just a few days ago,
another brainwashed god-bot from the "religion of peace"
struck at the heart of London. "Why, what a surprise?" NOT!
Of course, these attacks _should_ be concerning to you, but
i guess you're too busy bashing americans to notice, eh ol'

If you and your Euro-trash ilk are willing to stand idle
while hostile invaders destroy your country, well, my
friend, that is certainly your right, but i can tell you one
thing with absolute certainly, and that is that we Americans
didn't spend the last 200+ years defanging christianity just
to let another "religion of wackos" waltz in here and turn
our Democracy into theocratic hell hole. IT AIN'T GONNA

One of the oft-cited snobbish insults that regulars in this
group love to fling at those who they do not agree with, is:
<smartarse>Better go learn mandarin!</smartarse>. Well, i've
got news for all you Europeans, it is not Mandarin that you
will be forced to learn, oh no, it will be the regional
language of whatever islamic *SECT* that happens to be
ruling you "at the moment". For your sake, it would be
better if the Chinese take over the world -- hey, they might
be brutal dictators, but at least they don't base their
society on theocratic principles originating in myths and
fairy tales. Trust me, you'd much rather deal with a
rational tyrant than irrational one, because there is no
hope of reasoning with an irrational.

And when, whatever shards of freedom you have now are
snatched from you; and when your wives and daughters are
treated like second and third class citizens; and when *YOU*
are forced to live and die by the archaic whims of an
ideology that exists for the sole purpose of subjugation and
tyranny -- don't you dare, DON'T EFFING YOU *DARE*! -- to
come crawling to America for your liberation, because i
promise you Mr. D'Aprano, your cries will fall on deaf ears.
We already saved your sorry butts once, and what did we get
for that enormous sacrific, huh? We got nothing but decades
of insults and endless eurotrash ingrates!

So forget the library, *PAL*, and instead, sod-off to your
local mosque. Time to start reading the Koran, that way
you'll know who's holy sphincter you need to kiss.

Godspeed ol' boy,


PS: Don't forget the salad bowl!

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