using HTTPHandler cause Django server side shows http 400 and Invalid HTTP_HOST header message

Steven D'Aprano steve at
Wed Apr 5 01:39:23 EDT 2017

On Tue, 04 Apr 2017 21:06:23 -0700, iMath wrote:

> For those want to help, I also posted The question here
> I am using HTTPHandler to send logging messages to a Django Web server
> with The following code,

Are you sure you posted the code you are actually using? Because the 
error message suggests a difference.

You have:

> _TARGET = ''

but the error message says:

> Invalid HTTP_HOST header: ','. 

',' is not the same address you say you 
are using. (And it is not a valid address, just as the error message 

I might be entirely wrong here, I'm not a Django expert, but it sure 
looks to me like a simple mistake in your code. It would be good if you 
could confirm that's not the case before people spend time trying to 
debug something in code they can't see.


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