Data transmission from Python script to bash script

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Wed Apr 5 04:20:40 EDT 2017

venkatachalam.19 at writes:
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> I am writing a python code for processing a data obtained from a sensor. The data from sensor is obtained by executing a python script. The data obtained should be further given to another python module where the received data is used for adjusting the location of an object.
> For achieving this, there is a central bash script, which runs both the python modules parallel. Something like:
> python &
> python &
> I am trying to return the sensor data to the bash .sh file, therefore it can be provided to the other script.

I would recommend, do not do it this way.

On an abstract level, I recommend to use a communication channel
between your "a" and your "b". "a" writes to it and "b" reads from it.

There are many, many options for such a communication channel.

One of the easiest would be to realisize "a" and "b" as tasks
in a single Python process which use a queue as communication channel.
The big advantage: "a" and "b" can communicate directly via python

Another option would be to implement the communication channel
via an external queue or file; in those cases, the Python object
created by "a" would need to be serialized (to be put into
the communication channel) and derialized (i.e. recreated) again by "b".

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