read in a list in a file to list

john polo jpolo at
Sat Apr 8 14:32:20 EDT 2017


I am using Python 3.6 on Windows 7.

I have a file called apefile.txt. apefile.txt's contents are:

apes =  "Home sapiens", "Pan troglodytes", "Gorilla gorilla"

I have a script:

apefile =  open("apefile.txt")
apelist =
for ape in apelist:
    print("one of the apes is " + ape)

The output from the script does not print the ape names, instead it 
prints each letter in the file. For example:

one of the apes is a
one of the apes is p
one of the apes is e

What should I do instead to get something like

one of the apes is Home sapiens
one of the apes is Pan troglodytes
one of the apes is Gorilla gorilla


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