Python and the need for speed

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Sun Apr 9 23:19:15 EDT 2017

On Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 7:20:35 PM UTC-5, bream... at wrote:
> I've an idea that
> is a week late
> for April Fool's but just in case I'm sure that some of you
> may wish to comment.

Might be a bit too late to dub this "April fools", but never
too late to dub it "April fool's gold".

Mark, you and everyone else here needs to confront the
_real_ issue. Obviously there is a huge sub-culture within
the Python community that is totally pissed about (1) the
silly backwards compatable breaks of python3000, and (2)
this type-hints nightmare. And while we could have
overlooked python3000 (eventually), this type-hints thing is
undermining the very fundamantal nature of Python. Face it
Mark, by intertaining these "python forks" you (and others)
are acting out in a passive agressive manner because your
voices are being ignored by the Python-dev royalty. The true
enemy here is not Python's slow execution speed, no, it is
type- hints. Therefore, we must join together and stop this
type- hints mess before it propagates in the wild and
destroys this language. I can assure you, there has never
been a feature more threating to the survival of this
language than type-hints. Period.

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