Pound sign problem

Lew Pitcher lew.pitcher at digitalfreehold.ca
Tue Apr 11 12:23:54 EDT 2017

Chris Angelico wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 1:24 AM, Lew Pitcher
> <lew.pitcher at digitalfreehold.ca> wrote:
>> What in "Try changing your target encoding to something other than ASCII"
>> is encouragement to use "old legacy encodings"?
>>> In 2017, unless you are reading from old legacy files created using a
>>> non-Unicode encoding, you should just use UTF-8.
>> Thanks for your opinion. My opinion differs.
> So what encoding *do* you recommend, and why is it better than UTF-8?

I recommend whatever encoding is appropriate for the output. That's not up 
to you or me to decide; that's a question that only the OP can answer.

(Imagine, python on an IBM Zseries running ZOS; the "native" characterset is 
one of the EBCDIC variants. Would UTF-8 be a better choice there? )

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