IOError: [Errno 12] Not enough space

Irmen de Jong irmen.NOSPAM at
Tue Apr 11 13:11:26 EDT 2017

On 11-4-2017 14:30, LnT wrote:
> Hi,
> version information
> python 27

Please be more precise, there is no Python 27. (Yeah it is clear you meant 2.7 but still)

> java version "1.8.0_111"
That should not be relevant

> OS -Win 10 , 64Bit , 8GB RAM , 60GB HD

60 GB is not a lot of space for windows...

> executing python test script (robotframework) for a we bapplication 
> Application url will be invoked by Firefox 38.0
> Please find below log:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Opening browser 'firefox' to base url ''
> [ WARN ] Keyword 'Capture Page Screenshot' could not be run on failure: No browser is open
> | FAIL |
> IOError: [Errno 12] Not enough space
> --------------------------------------------------------------------

That's not much information. Is there really not anything else in the log? Like a
traceback, that may give some clues what the application is doing when it is running out
of disk space?

> I have cleared %TEMP% and reran the script.
> But still I see this.
> Could you please show me some Light ?

Based on the info you provided, the only solution I can think of is: free more space.
Something in your application is trying to write stuff and there's simply not enough
space on the disk to do so.


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