Python and the need for speed

Jussi Piitulainen jussi.piitulainen at
Wed Apr 12 11:49:51 EDT 2017

bart4858 at writes:

> On Wednesday, 12 April 2017 12:56:32 UTC+1, Jussi Piitulainen  wrote:
>> bartc writes:
>> > These are straightforward language enhancements.
>> FYI, the question is not how to optimize the code but how to prevent
>> the programmer from writing stupid code in the first place. Someone
>> suggested that a language should do that.
> The 'stupid code' thing is a red herring. I assume the code people
> write is there for a reason.

So you walked in to a conversation about something that does not
interest you and simply started talking about your own thing.

Because of course you did.

I get confused when you do that.

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