Python Command Line Arguments

Bernd Nawothnig Bernd.Nawothnig at
Fri Apr 14 09:22:12 EDT 2017

On 2017-04-13, Jason Friedman wrote:
>> I have this code which I got from https://www.tutorialspoint.
>> com/python/python_command_line_arguments.htm The example works fine but
>> when I modify it to what I need, it only half works. The problem is the
>> try/except. If you don't specify an input/output, they are blank at the end
>> but it shouldn't be.
>> import getopt
>> import sys
> I am guessing you are wanting to parse command-line arguments rather than
> particularly wanting to use the getopt module.
> If I am correct you might want to spend your time instead learning the
> argparse module:

He should switch to argparse in any case because getopt is no longer
supported and does only receive bugfixes.


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