Hi! i need some help with a program in python on Raspberry pi3.

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Fri Apr 14 12:22:44 EDT 2017

Kasper wrote:

> every time i run the program i get this messeage:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "smartmirror.py", line 159, in get_weather
>     temprature2 = "%S%S" % (str(int(weather_obj['currently']
> degree_sign)
> KeyError: 'currently'
> Error: 'currently'. Cannot get weather.
> How do i fix that?
> Here is the program:

> weather_api_token = '16dc67b56f94f8083b1afed7e69c5dc1' # create account at
> https://darksky.net/dev/ 

Oops, is that your personal token? You are probably not supposed to publish 
it and now run the risk of having it revoked.

> values weather_unit = 'nb' # see https://darksky.net/dev/docs/forecast for
> full list of unit parameters values
You have to replace nb with one of the allowed values listed on the site.

> weather_lang = 'nb' # see
> https://darksky.net/dev/docs/forecast for full list of language parameters

Again, you have to pick one of the values listed -- unless you want Norsk 
bokmål that is.

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