Bigotry and hate speech on the python mailing list

Marko Rauhamaa marko at
Mon Apr 17 05:39:34 EDT 2017

Rurpy <rurpy at>:

> If I posted a remark about "dirty Chinese" (c.f. "ugly American") I
> would be (justifiably) slammed and likely ejected from the list. Or if
> claims that not understanding new tech is a product of age are ok,
> then why can't I say disparagingly that someone "programs like a
> girl"? When a popular poster here says such things, it is not only
> given a pass, it is actually defended!

In my experience, the bar for banning participants is pretty high, and
rightly so. Careless statements, insults or bigotry haven't been enough,
but repeated, personal harassment of an individual have resulted in

You are free to set a bar of your own. It's called plonking.

BTW, as a middle-aged American, I don't get offended by slurs against
Americans or old people. I first try to see if there's a grain of truth
behind the generalization, and if not, I will simply have a lower
opinion of the judgement of whoever said it.

Cultures are real, distinct things, and every culture has
(objectively/subjectively) less desirable aspects. Age does have
measurable effects on our performance. Making generalizations doesn't
automatically make a statement "hate speech."

Let me offer a bigoted joke I heard the other day:

   Wife to programmer: "Go to the store and get a gallon of milk. If
   they have eggs, get six."


   Wife to programmer: "Why on earth did you buy six gallons of milk?"

   Programmer: "They had eggs."


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