Bigotry and hate speech on the python mailing list

Jussi Piitulainen jussi.piitulainen at
Tue Apr 18 10:07:46 EDT 2017

Joel Goldstick writes:

> On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 5:30 AM, James McMahon wrote:
>> Can the moderators please get involved here and remind people to
>> address python related topics and questions on the python mailing
>> list? While I can only speak to my interest when joining this list,
>> isn't python why most people joined this list? Others have different
>> and polarizing views on many subjects. This just isn't the right
>> place to voice your views on subjects other than python. I delete
>> this same tired thread every day, and every day it reappears. With
>> all manners and due respect, stay on topic.
>> Isn't this list content moderated by anyone?
>> -Jim
> Plus 1 to Jim.  Come on gang! Back to python!  Spaces vs. tabs anyone?

If there's anything about Python that is less interesting than spaces
vs. tabs, I don't even want to hear what it is.

I agree with Steven that it's a highly offensive thing to say that ASCII
is good enough to "most people".

Python lets me work in UTF-8 *and* has helped me fix rather strange
mixups of legacy encodings. I appreciate that.

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