Bigotry (you win, I give up)

Ethan Furman ethan at
Wed Apr 19 22:09:49 EDT 2017

On 04/19/2017 05:11 PM, breamoreboy at wrote:

> This is getting ludicrous.  Ben has been using these signatures for years and nobody has said a word.

Just because it was challenged before does not mean it was, or is, right / courteous / respectful .

> Why is it that somebody deliberately starts a thread to cause trouble when there is nothing at all to discuss, the
 > moderators leap in

Do you mean me?  Because I'm not wearing my moderator hat.

> but when people like the RUE keep spewing their crap it takes years to get something done?

I wasn't a moderator then, and the other moderators for this list (there are three or four of us) are more tolerant.

> Please don't give me the nonsense about "the RUE wasn't directly attacking anybody".  He was attacking the entire
 > community with his highly insulting dross, and especially the person responsible for writing PEP 393 and its
 > inplementation.

I agree.  I think I even wrote to the moderators about the RUE a couple times.

 > By the way he's still at it.

Not on the Python List he isn't*.  The moderators have no control over the usenet portion, so if that's where you get 
your posts from then you'll still see him.

And as a general bulletin:  If you have an issue you want the moderators to know about, the email address to use is

   python-list at

with a "-owner" after the "python-list" part.


*At least, I haven't seen the RUE lately -- let us know if he's back at it.

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