Bigotry (you win, I give up)

Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Apr 19 22:27:38 EDT 2017

Rurpy via Python-list <python-list at> writes:

> You and Chris refused to find any fault with the use of the two
> stereotypes under discussion one of which was "unable-to-learn old
> people".

I expressed absolutely nothing on that topic, so I didn't “refuse to
find any fault”. To claim “you said that is okay” is a bald untruth, I
said no such thing.

You are pointing to *absence of a statement* on a topic and claiming
that it is a “refusal to find any fault”.

By that logic, you have also “refused to find fault with” my neighbour's
mistreatment of their child. How horrible of you!

Except, that's not a claim I would make of you. I'll thank you not to do
the same of others.

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