Bigotry (you win, I give up)

Ben Finney ben+python at
Thu Apr 20 15:46:29 EDT 2017

Like most people here, I think this thread has long ago served whatever
usefulness it will have. I'm not interested in continuing it.

I'll just respond to some direct questions, but don't take any lack of
response on particular points as agreement.

Rurpy via Python-list <python-list at> writes:

> Rereading your post, I agree, you did not say anything at all about
> the old-people-cant-learn stereotype.
> So I apologize for saying you were ok with that.

Thank you, apology accepted.

> So at this point, you made a single attempt to claim there was no
> stereotyping based on national origin, a claim I refuted here [*1] and
> perhaps more clearly here [*2] neither of which there was a reply to.

And now we've both stated our cases, and others can judge the merits.
This particular debate isn't one I'm interested in pursuing further.

> And you explicitly acknowledge effectively a "no comment" response
> regarding an offensive a stereotype based on age? Is that a fair
> statement?

No. Simply not responding at all, since the charge was not even
addressed to me.

I am not obliged to address every point of every post, and the absence
of comment on any particular point is not generally to be read as full

We have to focus our responses, or they become even more lengthy and
unreadable than has already shown to be the case. That necessarily means
not responding to every point, even at the cost of omitting an objection
we might like to make.

>   "if you are going to have a CoC, it must be applied even-handedly."

I agree entirely with that.

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