textwrap.fill algorithm? (Difference with vim)

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Sat Apr 22 14:33:56 EDT 2017

Matěj Cepl wrote:

> On 2017-04-22, 01:01 GMT, Gregory Ewing wrote:
>> I don't know what vim is doing, but if you tell Python you
>> want lines no longer than 65 characters, it takes you at
>> your word.
> Oh, I’ve got it. textwrap.fill() (only in Python 2.*?) completely
> sucks with bytes, because of course it counts every byte as
> separate character for purpose of counting. All the text must be
> converted into unicode. It would be probably nice, if the
> textwrap documentation mentioned it.

Yes, the documentation should warn about the limitations of textwrap's 
notion of width -- but still, the line you complained about

        10        20        30        40        50        60        70
It is necessary to issue this caution, for the popular mind has grown so

contains only ascii, so whether you count bytes or characters -- it's always 
72, not 65.

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