How to port a python package to a embedded system

chenchao chenchao at
Tue Apr 25 02:28:29 EDT 2017

Hi, all:

     I installed it by 'pip install numpy' or 'python setup.cfg 
install'  on my PC, but I do not know how to do this on my arm board. 
Because of my arm board does not have tool of pip. could you please tell 
me any idea? Thanks!

On 04/24/2017 11:39 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On 04/24/2017 08:47 PM, chenchao wrote:
>>         I have x-compiled the cpython-2.7.10 and ported it on my ARM
>> board(it is not the Raspberry Pi and the Beaglebone Black).  But now, I
>> have to use numpy python package on my board. So how do i x-compile this
>> package? Is there anybody know how to do this? Thanks!
>> My embedded system version:
>>     h
>> My PC system is ubuntu10.04.
> I know it would be a bit slow, but it might be easiest to compile and
> install numpy on the board itself using the normal tools (the same as
> you'd build numpy on a PC).

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