Choosing a Python IDE. what is your Pythonish recommendation? I do not know what to choose.

Antonio Caminero Garcia tonycamgar at
Mon Jan 2 18:36:06 EST 2017

On Monday, January 2, 2017 at 8:24:29 AM UTC-8, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On 01/02/2017 04:38 AM, Antonio Caminero Garcia wrote:
> > The problem with Vim is the learning curve, so I know the very basic
> > stuff, but obviously not enough for coding and I do not have time to
> > learn it, it is a pity because there are awesome plugins that turns
> > Vim into a lightweight powerful IDE-like. So now it is not an option
> > but I will reconsider it in the future, learning little by little.
> > Also, I am not very fan GUI guy if the task can be accomplished
> > through the terminal. However, I don’t understand why people
> > underrate GUIs, that said I normally use shortcuts for the most
> > frequent tasks and when I have to do something that is not that
> > frequent then I do it with the mouse, for the latter case in vim you
> > would need to look for that specific command every time.
> Really, the basic stuff is enough to be very productive in vim.  In fact
> just knowing how to save and quit is half the battle!  A little cheat
> sheet for vim by your keyboard would be plenty I think.  If all you knew
> was how to change modes, insert, append, change word, yank, delete, and
> paste, that is 99% of what you'd use every day.  You can use normal
> arrow keys, home, end, and page up and page down for cursor movement in
> vim, so even if you can't remember ^,$, gg, or GG, you'll do fine.
> Eventually you can begin to add in other things, like modifiers to c
> (change).
> There probably are a lot of nice plugins for ViM, but I use none of
> them. I just don't find them that useful.  I don't seem to need any IDE
> help with Python.

yeah, for me I think of the IDE (and computers in general must be seen like that) as a coworker or as paring programming experience. So I agree I have been developing in Python without IDE a long time and I know if I had some features borrow from full featured IDEs will definitely   help me out.I will give a try to Vim asap, now I am trying Visual Studio now and it seems that is all I want.

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