Choosing a Python IDE. what is your Pythonish recommendation? I do not know what to choose.

Antonio Caminero Garcia tonycamgar at
Wed Jan 4 01:54:11 EST 2017

On Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 4:12:34 PM UTC-8, Dietmar Schwertberger wrote:
> On 02.01.2017 12:38, Antonio Caminero Garcia wrote:
> You did not try Wing IDE? It looks less like a spacecraft. Maybe you 
> like it.
> Maybe the difference is that Wing is from Python people while the ones 
> you listed are from Java people.

That sounds interesting. By the look of it I think I am going to give it a try.

> For something completely different (microcontroller programming in C) I 
> just switched to a Eclipse derived IDE and I don't like it too much as 
> the tool does not focus on the problem scope.

If it happens to be Arduino I normally use a sublime plugin called Stino 
(1337 people starred that cool number :D)

>  From your posts I'm not sure whether you want an editor or an IDE, 
> where for me the main difference is the debugger and code completion.

I want editor with those IDE capabilities and git integration, with optionally  cool stuff as for example remote debugging. 

> I would not want to miss the IDE features any more, even though in my 
> first 15 years of Python I thought that a debugger is optional with 
> Python ...

Unfortunately most of the time I am still using print and input functions. I know that sucks, I did not use the pdb module, I guess that IDE debuggers leverage such module.

> Regards,
> Dietmar

Thank you so much for your answer. 

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