Choosing a Python IDE. what is your Pythonish recommendation? I do not know what to choose.

Chris Clark chris.p.clark at
Thu Jan 5 13:12:14 EST 2017

I want an IDE that I can use at work and home, linux and dare I say windows.

Sublime, had to remove it from my work PC as it is not licensed.

Atom, loved it until it slowed down.

VIM, ok the best if you know vi inside out.

Any JAVA based IDE, just slows up on work PC's due to all the background stuff that corporates insist they run.

Why can not someone more clever than I fork DrPython and bring it up to date.

Its is fast, looks great and just does the job ?

Its wx, no idea if that is good or bad but it just works.

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On 02-01-17 12:38, Antonio Caminero Garcia wrote:
> Hello, I am having a hard time deciding what IDE or IDE-like code editor should I use. This can be overwhelming.
> So far, I have used Vim, Sublime, Atom, Eclipse with PyDev, Pycharm, IntelliJ with Python plugin.
> The thing with the from-the-scratch full featured IDEs (Eclipse, IntelliJ, Pycharm) is that they look like a space craft dashboard and that unwarranted resources consumption and the unnecessary icons. I want my IDE to be minimalistic but powerful. My screen should be mostly “made of code” as usually happens in Vim, Sublime or Atom. However, Pycharm is really cool and python oriented.
> The problem with Vim is the learning curve, so I know the very basic stuff, but obviously not enough for coding and I do not have time to learn it, it is a pity because there are awesome plugins that turns Vim into a lightweight powerful IDE-like. So now it is not an option but I will reconsider it in the future, learning little by little. Also, I am not very fan GUI guy if the task can be accomplished through the terminal. However, I don’t understand why people underrate GUIs, that said I normally use shortcuts for the most frequent tasks and when I have to do something that is not that frequent then I do it with the mouse, for the latter case in vim you would need to look for that specific command every time.
> Sublime is my current and preferred code editor. I installed Anaconda, Git integration and a couple of additional plugins that make sublime very powerful. Also, what I like about sublime compared to the full featured IDEs, besides the minimalism, is how you can perform code navigation back and forth so fast, I mean this is something that you can also do with the others but for some subjective reason I specifically love how sublime does it. The code completion in sublime I do not find it very intelligence, the SublimeCodeIntel is better than the one that Anaconda uses but the completions are not as verbose as in the IDEs.
> Now, I am thinking about giving a try to Visual Studio Code Edition (take a look, it sounds good I need an editor for professional software development. What would you recommend to me?

Hi Antonio,

Just an extra one in case you'll ever want to create
a nice GUI, then there's also QT Creator:

A very simple but powerful interface a la XCode...

It integrates nicely with PySide:


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