Choosing a Python IDE. what is your Pythonish recommendation? I do not know what to choose.

Nathan Ernst nathan.ernst at
Thu Jan 5 13:49:09 EST 2017

Have you looked into Visual Studio Code (
I've not used it extensively, and only on Windows, but it's an open source
IDE originated by MS that purportedly works on Windows, Linux & OS X.

It does have pretty decent Python support (haven't tried debugging, but
syntax highlighting works well).

There's also a really good vim extension available.

I tend to prefer vim (or vim extensions) when I can because even though I
probably know less than 10% of vim's capabilities, I'm more productive
using it. I also use the VsVim extension in full proper Visual Studio.


On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 12:12 PM, Chris Clark <chris.p.clark at> wrote:

> I want an IDE that I can use at work and home, linux and dare I say
> windows.
> Sublime, had to remove it from my work PC as it is not licensed.
> Atom, loved it until it slowed down.
> VIM, ok the best if you know vi inside out.
> Any JAVA based IDE, just slows up on work PC's due to all the background
> stuff that corporates insist they run.
> Why can not someone more clever than I fork DrPython and bring it up to
> date.
> Its is fast, looks great and just does the job ?
> Its wx, no idea if that is good or bad but it just works.
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> Subject: Re: Choosing a Python IDE. what is your Pythonish recommendation?
> I do not know what to choose.
> On 02-01-17 12:38, Antonio Caminero Garcia wrote:
> > Hello, I am having a hard time deciding what IDE or IDE-like code editor
> should I use. This can be overwhelming.
> >
> > So far, I have used Vim, Sublime, Atom, Eclipse with PyDev, Pycharm,
> IntelliJ with Python plugin.
> >
> > The thing with the from-the-scratch full featured IDEs (Eclipse,
> IntelliJ, Pycharm) is that they look like a space craft dashboard and that
> unwarranted resources consumption and the unnecessary icons. I want my IDE
> to be minimalistic but powerful. My screen should be mostly “made of code”
> as usually happens in Vim, Sublime or Atom. However, Pycharm is really cool
> and python oriented.
> >
> > The problem with Vim is the learning curve, so I know the very basic
> stuff, but obviously not enough for coding and I do not have time to learn
> it, it is a pity because there are awesome plugins that turns Vim into a
> lightweight powerful IDE-like. So now it is not an option but I will
> reconsider it in the future, learning little by little. Also, I am not very
> fan GUI guy if the task can be accomplished through the terminal. However,
> I don’t understand why people underrate GUIs, that said I normally use
> shortcuts for the most frequent tasks and when I have to do something that
> is not that frequent then I do it with the mouse, for the latter case in
> vim you would need to look for that specific command every time.
> >
> > Sublime is my current and preferred code editor. I installed Anaconda,
> Git integration and a couple of additional plugins that make sublime very
> powerful. Also, what I like about sublime compared to the full featured
> IDEs, besides the minimalism, is how you can perform code navigation back
> and forth so fast, I mean this is something that you can also do with the
> others but for some subjective reason I specifically love how sublime does
> it. The code completion in sublime I do not find it very intelligence, the
> SublimeCodeIntel is better than the one that Anaconda uses but the
> completions are not as verbose as in the IDEs.
> >
> > Now, I am thinking about giving a try to Visual Studio Code Edition
> (take a look, it sounds good
> itemName=donjayamanne.python). I need an editor for professional software
> development. What would you recommend to me?
> Hi Antonio,
> Just an extra one in case you'll ever want to create
> a nice GUI, then there's also QT Creator:
> A very simple but powerful interface a la XCode...
> It integrates nicely with PySide:
> gr
> Arno
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