Python for WEB-page !?

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Thu Jan 5 19:19:49 EST 2017

On Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 11:53:51 PM UTC, Victor Porton wrote:
> Ionut Predoiu wrote:
> > I am a beginner in programming language.
> > I want to know what version of Python I must to learn to use, beside of
> > basic language, because I want to integrate in my site 1 page in which
> > users to can made calculus based on my formulas already write behind (the
> > users will only complete some field, and after push "Calculate" button
> > will see the results in form of: table, graphic, and so on ...). Please
> > take into account that behind will be more mathematical
> > equations/formulas, so the speed I think must be take into account.
> Consider PyPi. I never used it, but they say, it is faster than usual 
> CPython interpreter.

Really?  I'd strongly contrast the Python Package Index with the Python implementation pypy at :)

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