pip install -r requirements.txt fails with Python 3.6 on Windows

Uri Even-Chen uri at speedy.net
Tue Jan 3 05:07:38 EST 2017

Thank you, I'll consider to update our requirements to latest versions of all 
packages. Last time I checked in 22th December 2016 and all our requirements 
were the latest versions. In the meantime we can keep using Python 3.5. By the 
way, Travis CI tests passed with the same requirements and Python 3.6 (and 3.5 
and 3.4). How did it install the requirements there? Does it depend on the 
operating system?

I see now that Python 3.6.0 was released on 2016-12-23.

By the way we use Ubuntu 16.04 in production with Python 3.5.2, so it's not 
that important to support Python 3.6 right now. What are the reasons to upgrade 
Python to 3.6?


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