Choosing a Python IDE. what is your Pythonish recommendation? I

Cameron Simpson cs at
Tue Jan 3 19:10:30 EST 2017

On 03Jan2017 12:57, Steve D'Aprano <steve+python at> wrote:
>I dislike the Unix-style Vim/Emacs text editors, I prefer a traditional
>GUI-based editor. So my "IDE" is:
>- Firefox, for doing searches and looking up documentation;
>- an GUI programmer's editor, preferably one with a tab-based
>  interface, such as geany or kate;
>- a tab-based terminal.

"traditional GUI-based editor"

For those of us who spent a lot of our earlier time on terminals (actual 
physical terminals) we consider GUIs "new fangled".

Just narking,
Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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