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Tue Jan 3 07:17:52 EST 2017

On Tue, 3 Jan 2017 20:46:31 -0800, "Deborah Swanson"
<python at> declaimed the following:

>I didn't try printing them before, but I just did. Got:
>>>> print([Example](
>SyntaxError: invalid syntax  (arrow pointing at the colon)

        As I mentioned to someone else earlier...

        Count your parentheses... You need a ) for each (

AND you need " (or ') around the strings.

        As you entered it, you have invoked a print operation, passing it:

A list containing a reference to a (undefined) variable "Example", and then you 
attempt call that list as a function passing it some unrecognized keyword 
"http" with a colon that Python normally uses indicate the start of a code 
block; said block being "//".



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