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Tue Jan 3 22:35:16 EST 2017

On 2017-01-03, Deborah Swanson <python at> wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote, on January 03, 2017 3:13 PM
>> On 2017-01-03, Deborah Swanson <python at> wrote:
>> > I'm sorry, I should have said a GUI console because I
>> wouldn't expect
>> > a text-based console to produce clickable links.
>> What's a "GUI console"?

> The GUI consoles I have are in Pycharm, the IDLE that comes with
> Anaconda, and Spyder. PyCharm and IDLE both ask for internet access when
> I open them, so they're capable of opening links, but whether that means
> their output space is capable of handling clickable links I don't know.

Thanks, that's a bit clearer.  For those of us from the Unix world "console" 
means something else.

> I do know printing a full url with the %s specifier or entering a url
> and clicking enter just gives you the plain text url. Obviously, not all
> GUI consoles are enabled recognize and make clickable links from
> correctly formatted urls.
> I was hoping there was some functionality in python to make clickable
> links. Could be a package, if the core language doesn't have it.

There is no definition for what a "clickable link" is unless you're sending 
HTML to a web browser.  That means there's no way to create funcationality to 
make one.

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