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On 2017-01-04, Michael Torrie <torriem at> wrote:

> On my Linux machine, the terminal emulators I've used all make a regular
> url printed out into a clickable link (or at least a right-clickable
> link).  This is just something they try to do with all things that look
> like urls.  Sometimes it's helpful, often it's annoying.

What I have done is defined a window manager root menu entry that opens a web 
browser on the current text selection.  That lets me "click" on a link in any 
application that suport the standard X11 text-selection mechanism (which is 
almost all of them).

>> I was hoping there was some functionality in python to make clickable
>> links. Could be a package, if the core language doesn't have it.
> No, there is not.  If you made a full GUI app using a toolkit like
> GTK or Qt, you can indeed place hyperlinks on your forms and the
> operating system will automatically connect them to the web browser.
> But not in text-mode terminal apps.

For me it's double-click to select the url in the terminal window or PDF viewer 
or whaterver, then right-click on the root window and pick
the menu entry that says 'Firefox [sel]' or 'Chrome [sel]'.  It's a few extra 
steps, but it works for almostly any application that displays text.

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