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Tue Jan 3 21:58:42 EST 2017

Chris Angelico wrote, on January 04, 2017 4:16 AM
> On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 10:43 PM, Deborah Swanson
> <python at> wrote:
> > I'm quite well aware by now that there is no one-sentence
> answer to my
> > original question, if there's any coherent answer at all.
> Them's the
> > breaks. Live with it or live without it, it doesn't care.
> Yeah, there's no simple answer; however, you'll find that
> Python on many platforms is entirely capable of popping a URL
> up in the user's default browser. Check this out:
> >>> import antigravity
> This uses the 'webbrowser' module, which knows about a number
> of different ways to open a browser, and will attempt them
> all. So if you can figure out the UI part of things, actually
> making the link pop up in a browser isn't too hard; for
> instance, if you're doing OAuth at the command line and need
> the user to go and authenticate, you can simply
>"http://......./") and it'll DTRT.

Thank you, thank you! Finally, at least one person on this list knows about 
something (anything) in the python world that is internet aware. It's also 
occurred to me that Beautifulsoup downloads data from a url, so that code must 
have access to some kind of an internet engine too.

I googled antigravity and found a number of interesting links.

The History of Python: import antigravity

Among other things, it was added to Python 3 in 2010, so it's been around a 
little while. And a comment mentions that "The antigravity module is also 
included in Python 2.7."

And a reddit poster tells us that "if you type 'import antigravity' into a 
Python command line your default browser opens the XKCD comic 'Python' in a 

An "import antigravity" video at

And its page in the Package Index:, with a Page Not Found Error for 
the Home Page. So it doesn't look like there's any alternative but to download 
it and look at the code.

Yes, I'd gotten as far as figuring out that you don't need a clickable link. 
Code that opens a url in a browse would do the job just fine. Or the"http://......./") in a Linux terminal you suggest. (I just 
have to get my Linux machine up and running again to try it.)

All in all, given that clickable urls in a console is a non-starter, this hits 
the nail on the head. Many thanks again!


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