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>Thank you, thank you! Finally, at least one person on this list knows
>about something (anything) in the python world that is internet aware.
>It's also occurred to me that Beautifulsoup downloads data from a url,
>so that code must have access to some kind of an internet engine too.

        Uhm... There is a big difference between "clickable links" and
"internet aware".

        Look at the Library reference manual. There is a section on "Internet
Data Handling", and another on "Internet Protocols and Support". For just 
retrieving things identified by a URL, there are both urllib and urllib2; and 
for more specific there is httplib, ftplib, poplib, etc.

        Clickable links is a user interface matter -- and as mentioned numerous
times, depends upon the features of the interface, not of Python (unless you 
are writing a full-fledged GUI application in which case you have to tag 
entities as clickable and handle the user clicking on that entity, followed by 
actually using one of the above library routines to fetch the contents at the 
clickable's target)

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