Receiving a lot of double messages.

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards at
Fri Jan 6 16:55:52 EST 2017

On 2017-01-05, Antoon Pardon <antoon.pardon at> wrote:

> Is there something going on with the mailinglist? Because I have receive a lot 
> of double messages. One copy is fairly normal and is part of the discussion 
> thread, the other is completely seperated. -- Antoon Pardon.

Yep, there are a _lot_ of duplicate messages showing up on gmane's
NNTP server.  I would guess around 50-100 of them in the past day.
Entire chunks of long threads comprising 20-30 posts seem to be
duplicated in some cases.  In other cases, they're just individual
posts that seem to be detached from their original threads.

Something is seriously broken somewhere...

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