Using sudo with pip3?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Sun Jan 8 01:30:29 EST 2017

On 07Jan2017 22:26, jim <jf_byrnes at> wrote:
>You've convinced me.  I will have to buckle down and figure out to use 
>virtualenv/venv. I see Chris recommends venv. I read through PEP405 and this 
>link I don't pretend to fully 
>understand it all but it does seem to make a good case for using venv over 

Note that it recommends:

  python3 -m venv ...options... path/to/env_dir

which makes sure you're getting a venv based on a specific python executable; 
in the case above whatever "python3" runs -- you could invoke a different 
python 3 to use that instead.

It looks like aside from saying "python3 -m venv" instead of "virtualenv" my 
previous example recipe should pretty much work for you.

Good luck.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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