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Deborah Swanson python at
Mon Jan 9 08:00:16 EST 2017

Rhodri James wrote, on January 09, 2017 4:28 AM
> Nope.  PyCharm outputs text to the console that the console 
> chooses to 
> interpret as a link and makes clickable.  As Stephen pointed 
> out right 
> back at the beginning of this thread, printing the textual 
> string that 
> is a URL could do exactly the same thing *if* the console you 
> print to 
> chooses to interpret it as such.  The choice is with the console, not 
> your program; that there is the incorrect assumption.
> -- 
> Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd

Sorry, Rhodri. I don't agree with your logic. You can use tkinter (code
in a program) to make clickable links in the console, and the webbrowser
module to web-enable them so urls open in a browser when you click on

I have no idea how this crowd got off on the mantra "The choice is with
the console".  Code does in fact have the power to control what happens
in the console. How do you think Linux does it on their terminals with
clickable links? Granted, the code may have to specify parameters for a
particular console, but I certainly wasn't asking for universal code
that would work with any console. That was something made up by the
responders on the thread, so they could revile me for such an
outrageously impossible demand. My original question was if Python had
anything equivalent to the hyperlink formula in Excel, which is a
program (code) feature. Nothing about doing it on any console in the

The developers who wrote PyCharm coded it for the console they were
using. The console is a dead thing, it has no mind or soul to choose
anything. Surely an educated person would know that.

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