Using namedtuples field names for column indices in a list of lists

Ethan Furman ethan at
Tue Jan 10 01:05:52 EST 2017

On 01/09/2017 08:51 PM, Deborah Swanson wrote:
> Ethan Furman wrote, on January 09, 2017 8:01 PM

>> As I said earlier, I admire your persistence -- but take some
>> time and learn the basic vocabulary as that will make it much
>> easier for you to ask questions, and for us to give you
>> meaningful answers.
> As I mentioned, I have completed MIT's 2 introductory Python courses
> with final grades of 98% and 97%.  What tutorials do you think would
> significantly add to that introduction?

The Python version of "Think like a computer scientist" is good.  Otherwise, ask the list for recommendations.  I'm not suggesting more advanced topics, but rather basic topics such as how the REPL works, how to tell what objects you have, how to find the methods those objects have, etc.
> It's true that I didn't spend much time in the forums while I was taking
> those courses, so this is the first time I've talked with people about
> Python this intensively. But I'm a good learner and I'm picking up a lot
> of it pretty quickly. People on the list also talk and comprehend
> differently than people in the MIT courses did, so I have to become
> accustomed to this as well. And the only place to learn that is right
> here.


The issue I (and others) see, though, is more along the lines of basic understanding: you seemed to think that a list of lists should act the same as a list of tuples, even though lists and tuples are not the same thing.  It's like expecting a basket of oranges to behave like a basket of avocados. ;)

As you say, you're making good progress.


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