Work between multiple processes

Patrick Zhou zxpatric at
Tue Jan 10 17:57:51 EST 2017

Hi Irmen,

I have successfully got it to work with both side as python but so far having trouble with pyrolite.jar which is downloaded from

Having simple codes as:

    public static void main(String[] args) {
//        System.out.println("Hello world");

        try {
            String uri = "PYRO:obj_12a65b09f95f4ee9bec5958f819ced45 at localhost:64404";
            PyroURI pyURI = new PyroURI(uri);
            PyroProxy pyroP = new PyroProxy(pyURI);

            Object result ="getDst");
            String message = (String) result;
            System.out.println("result message=" + message);
        catch (IOException e1) {
        catch (PickleException e2)
        catch (PyroException e3)

which "getDst" works on Java but hangs on handshake() in the call function. 

Any thought? Thanks. -P

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