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metal.suomi at gmail.com metal.suomi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 00:36:54 EST 2017

along the above discussion, resuming my python after the Xmas break (hope you had a nice one!)

I want to install a number of scientific libraries, but I'm confused which packages it contains what. 

1) I see on scipy.org that scipy contains scipy library (fine, it makes sense), along with other ones  (numpy, matplotlib ....). So, I would guess that the following command 

pip install --user scipy

install all the libraries I need, but instead it seems that I need to specify them too? I.e. to install them I need to name them

pip install --user scipy numpy matplotlib etc... etc...
(of course, I guess I can equivalently use the command python3.5 -m pip install --user scipy numpy matplotlib .... right?)

2) I have already install matplotlib time ago. So, in the above commands I can avoid to add matplotlib, or I can included and a new installation will be overwritten, correct?


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