Using namedtuples field names for column indices in a list of lists

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Jan 12 20:40:57 EST 2017

On 01/12/2017 02:26 AM, Deborah Swanson wrote:
> It's true, I've only been on this list a few weeks, although I've seen
> and been on the receiving end of the kind of "help" that feels more like
> being sneered at than help. Not on this list, but on Linux and similar
> lists. There does seem to be a "tough love" approach to "helping"
> people, and I haven't seen that it really helped that much, in other
> places that I've seen it in action over a period of time.  

If you go down a wrong path, people are going to try to warn you.  For
example, you were told several times, no that object really is a list,
yet you argued with them on that point for several posts.  Tough love or
sneering? No, absolutely not.  Communication difficulties?  Yes!  But
not even close to wholly the fault of those who were trying to assist
you. If you haven't been helped, it's not for lack of their trying.

> I'm willing
> though to just see how it works on this list. Since I've been here, I
> haven't seen people come back who get that kind of approach, but a few
> weeks is too short a time to draw conclusions. Still, when people who
> need help don't come right back, that should be a first clue that they
> didn't get it.

Fortunately this list is pretty friendly and open to newbies.  And
long-time posters have no problem telling other long-time posters when
they do cross the line into bullying or trolling territory.

Fortunately I've seen nothing but people wanting to help you with your
ventures in Python programming responding to your queries, which I'm
gratified to see.  And many many newbies have been helped in their
explorations of Python land.

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