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Peter Otten __peter__ at
Fri Jan 13 10:20:23 EST 2017

adnan.connexus at wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have just started python coding  and have ran into my first brick wall. 
> Can some one please assist me with the following query  ?
>  I have two Matrices:
> 1 – masterMatrix – A 2d matrix containing items in the rows and time as
> the columns column headers (time beginning from 00:00 to 23:45 at every 15
> minutes interval (96 columns e.g. 00:00 | 00:15 . . . .23:45). this matrix
> provides a value of each item in the list a every 14 minutes.
> 2 – subMatrix – A matrix which has to be populate based on selected items
> and times from masterMatrix
> What would be the fastest way to first initialise the subMatrix  and

Forget about "fastest" as long as you have no way.

> populate the workingTable based on the matching values in masterTable.

Give us a bit of code that initialises your master matrix with some toy data 
(3 to 5 rows and columns, say) and that shows what you have tried to build 
the sub-matrix.

Then we can identify your "road block" and help you overcome it.

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