Problem while building Python 3.6 from source.

Michael S michael.s011235 at
Fri Jan 13 13:00:05 EST 2017

I am new to this mailing-list and I really don't know whether this
mail should belong to python-dev. Please tell me, if so.

Unfortunately, I have got the following problem: I wanted to build and
install Python 3.6 from source but did not succeed.
To clarify my situation, I got as an operating system Debian jessie
8.6 and I used the xz compressed source tarball from
Concerning the build dependencies: I just executed:
$ sudo apt-get build-dep python3.4 (since 3.6 and 3.5 did not work).
Then I executed ./configure --enable-optimizations and make -j4 (I got 4 cores).
The output of make ended like:
'make: *** [profile-opt] Error 2'.
I had redirected the output and error of the configure and make commands via
$ make -j4 &> /home/username/make_output.txt.
Nevertheless I got an error to the console:
'*** Error in ./python'" free(): invalid next size (normal):
0x00000000015bdf90 ***'.
Due to these error messages (this one and the one at the end of make)
I think the build was not successful.

How to solve this problem?

Of course I could send you the output and error files.

I'd be glad at any help.

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