Problem while building Python 3.6 from source.

Michael S michael.s011235 at
Sun Jan 15 15:55:14 EST 2017

Thanks Thomas and ChrisA!

@Thomas: I don't know.. Unfortunately I am not as skilled as to be
able to find out..

@ChrisA: I tried your advice and think it worked. So, I just used $
./configure and then $ make. Then I was not sure, whether it had
worked so I used $ make test and got a fairly long result. At the end
there was a line like "test successful". Nevertheless not all of the
tests were successful.

So, now I got some questions:

1) Why did not all of the tests in $ make test succeed? But the end
line was "test successful". That confuses me.

2) This is more general. In order to get the build-dependencies I used
# apt-get build-dep python3.4. I also googled for the build
dependencies but did not find anything. So, how could I actually
figure out the build dependencies for Python3.6?

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 7:19 PM, Chris Angelico <rosuav at> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 5:00 AM, Michael S <michael.s011235 at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am new to this mailing-list and I really don't know whether this
>> mail should belong to python-dev. Please tell me, if so.
> Hi and welcome! This kind of thing is best on this list initially.
>> Unfortunately, I have got the following problem: I wanted to build and
>> install Python 3.6 from source but did not succeed.
>> To clarify my situation, I got as an operating system Debian jessie
>> 8.6 and I used the xz compressed source tarball from
>> Concerning the build dependencies: I just executed:
>> $ sudo apt-get build-dep python3.4 (since 3.6 and 3.5 did not work).
> That should be fine; the build dependencies of Python don't tend to
> change frequently. Jessie shipped with Python 3.4 but nothing newer,
> so there won't be packages for python3.5 or python3.6.
>> Then I executed ./configure --enable-optimizations and make -j4 (I got 4 cores).
>> The output of make ended like:
>> 'make: *** [profile-opt] Error 2'.
> That just means that something went wrong. You'd have to scroll up to
> find the actual cause of the error.
>> I had redirected the output and error of the configure and make commands via
>> $ make -j4 &> /home/username/make_output.txt.
>> Nevertheless I got an error to the console:
>> '*** Error in ./python'" free(): invalid next size (normal):
>> 0x00000000015bdf90 ***'.
>> Due to these error messages (this one and the one at the end of make)
>> I think the build was not successful.
>> How to solve this problem?
>> Of course I could send you the output and error files.
> The first thing I'd do would be to try a non-optimized build. Set your
> current build tree aside and re-extract into a new directory (that
> way, when you go back to playing with optimized builds, you don't have
> to redo the work), and run configure with no arguments. I'd also be
> inclined to run make with no arguments; there've been issues with
> parallel builds in enough projects that I've gotten into the habit of
> "problem? do it the slow way". If that build also fails, scroll up a
> bit and find where stuff failed.
> Are you familiar with building programs from source? If not, the best
> solution might be to post the entire log, but ideally, you should be
> able to skim through the last part of the log and report the actual
> problem that's cropping up.
> ChrisA
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