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> I am creating a parent class and a child class.  I am inheriting from the 
> parent with an additional attribute in the child class.  I am using 
> __str__ to return the information.  When I run > the code, it does exactly 
> what I want, it returns the __str__ information.  This all works great.
> 1) I want what is returned to be appended to a list (the list will be my 
> database)
> 2) I append the information to the list that I created
> 3) Whenever I print the list, I get a memory location

You have been given an explanation, and a couple of workarounds.

Here is another possible workaround, which may help depending on how you 
actually print the list -

If you are saying -
    for item in list:

you can say instead -
  for item in list:


Frank Millman

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