Using python to start programs after logging in

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Thu Jan 19 16:11:31 EST 2017

On Thursday 19 Jan 2017 20:29 CET, John Gordon wrote:

> In <878tq6amvj.fsf at> Cecil Westerhof
> <Cecil at> writes:
>> I am writing a python program to start the programs that need to be
>> started after logging in.
>> Is this a good way to do things, or could I do it in a better way?
> I think using your window manager's built-in facilities for starting
> programs would be better.  Why are you using Python instead?

Because when you use the window managers builtin facilities then all
programs will be started on the same virtual desktop and I want to
start them on different ones.

Second reason is that I want to fetch the programs to start from a
database so I can easily change the programs to be started.

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