How to create a socket.socket() object from a socket fd?

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> <rant>
> I'm still baffled why the standard library fromfd() code dup()s the
> descriptor.
> According to the comment in the CPython sources, the author of
> fromfd() is guessing that the user wants to be able to close the
> descriptor separately from the socket.
> If the user wanted the socket object to use a duplicate descriptor for
> some reason, the caller should call os.dup() -- it's only _eight_
> keystrokes.  Eight keystrokes that makes it obvious to anybody reading
> the code that there are now two descriptors and you have to close both
> the original descriptor and the socket.
> When you create a Python file object from a file descriptor using
> os.fdopen(), does it dup the descriptor?  No.  Would a reasonable
> person expect socket.fromfd() to duplicate the descriptor?  No.
> Should it?
> No.

The standard response to issues like this is:

   A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds

Antoon Pardon

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