Need reviews for my book on introductory python

Sandeep Nagar sandeep.nagar at
Wed Jan 25 21:25:44 EST 2017


A few month ago I wrote a book on introductory python based on my experinces while teaching python to Bachelor students of engineering. It is now available in e-book and paperback format at Amazon.

The book is written for beginners of python programming language and written in learn-by-doing manner. If some group members can review the same, it will be useful for myself to come up with an improved version.

Other similar books of mine are based on Octave and Scilab with following links: (Scilab) (Octave)

If you are interested in open source computing, please have a look. 

Also please do share the link for print books with your colleagues at other universities and recommend them for libraries and researchers, if you feel that they can be helpful to them.



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